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Key features and highlights of the Allahabad Museum include:

  1. Artifacts and Exhibits: The museum houses a diverse range of artifacts, including sculptures, paintings, coins, manuscripts, and archaeological finds. The exhibits cover various periods of Indian history, including the ancient, medieval, and modern eras. Best Hotel in Prayagraj
  2. Gandhi Smriti Vahan: One notable attraction within the museum premises is the “Gandhi Smriti Vahan,” which is a mobile museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi. It features photographs, documents, and personal belongings of Mahatma Gandhi, offering insights into his life and teachings. Best Hotel in Prayagraj
  3. Archaeological Section: The museum has a dedicated section for archaeological artifacts, providing visitors with a glimpse into the archaeological history of the region. This includes items from excavations carried out in and around Allahabad. Best Hotel in Prayagraj
  4. Regional Focus: The Allahabad Museum places a particular emphasis on artifacts related to the history and culture of the Allahabad region, making it a significant cultural institution for the local community. Best Hotel in Prayagraj

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